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The Duke of Edinburgh appeared aghast after seeing Fergie standing beside her ex-husband Prince Andrew and curtseying deeply to the Queen after emerging from a restaurant in the Royal Enclosure.

Philip, 94, and the Queen, 89, were just arriving at the Berkshire racecourse and about to go underneath the main stand in the royal carriage procession when they spotted Andrew bowing solemly and Fergie curtseying among the crowd.

In 1986, Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson; the couple's marriage, subsequent separation and eventual divorce in 1996 attracted a high level of media coverage.

As well as carrying out various official engagements, he served as Britain's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment until July 2011.

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He saw active service during the Falklands War, flying on multiple missions including anti-surface warfare, Exocet missile decoy, and casualty evacuation.Ms Skepper, now close friends with both Andrew and Fergie, is a former Cadbury’s Flake model who is married to Italian Count Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi.The group watched the racing from a hospitality box next to the royal box but, although Andrew went into see his parents, there was no sign of Fergie joining him.Nearly seven years ago, his daughters were cut off from the royal fold and he has been pushing to bring them back.The shocked queen had deferred the missive to the heir apparent, Prince Charles, who shot down any sort of idea of adding his two nieces back onto the royal payroll.

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