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Check out our boy Tripp (he’s the one bawling at ) on the show, which you can catch on CMT Thursdays at 9pm (8 Central). CMT’s highest rated series of 2011, “Sweet Home Alabama,” returns this week with an all-new, eight episodes beginning Thursday, October 20 at p.m., ET/PT.What does this have to do with Tripp’s perfect swimmer’s abs? Raised on fried chicken, turnip greens and grits, it’s no wonder show producers reached out to Tripp to get him on the show after spotting him on Cosmo’s list. We’re pretty sure “reality star” wasn’t one of the manufactured scenarios many of you fell for when you were seduced into public accounting (much like work-life balance and prestige), which is why our hot little CPA friend here works for an unnamed private firm. The accountant stereotype has been rewritten in recent years, not everyone is a Wo W-playing, Dorito-eating shlub who doesn’t know what business casual actually means. He’s actually looking for the love of his life (how cute) and says he won’t date a girl unless he can see himself marrying her down the road. Think about that next time you’re having a reality crisis, this guy is off chasing a chick. Facebook fans are already a buzz on the new reality show with over 10,000 fans commenting on what appears to be another cheesy dating show.Without watching an episode, there is no indication as to Kiefer’s status, but apparently he avoided the first round of cuts.This season, the drama explodes and emotions are high as twenty-two women from across the country live in one house and compete for the affections of Tribble Reese, the handsome former Clemson quarterback and entrepreneur from Birmingham who was the runner-up in the series’ first run.Before Thursday’s big premiere, CMT presents “Sweet Home Alabama: Outtakes & Updates,” featuring never before seen moments and extended scenes from the first season, as well as appearances from the bachelors, premiering Wednesday, October 19 at p.m., ET/PT.

Well, you get Sweet Home Alabama, which debuted last week on CMT. Someone has to blaze a trail with his sizzling fried chicken abs, it might as well be this guy.

" /The emphasis is on finding lasting love, but the format hardly gives the bachelorette enough time to really know her suitors.

The show also furthers some negative stereotypes about Southerners (and "city boys" alike).

Kiefer is no stranger to stiff competition as he walked-on and played for the 2006 WVU Nokia Sugar Bowl team, earned a football scholarship for the Maine Black Bears, and eventually found his way to Las Vegas playing for their semi-pro team.

Kiefer will still pursue an NFL career once the lockout is resolved, but to stay busy, he is working on modeling and acting.

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