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Official website: Shoujo City is a dating simulator game for Android.In the game you have ten days to try and win love of a girl by giving her gifts, playing games, or going to regular dates.Especially given that Daisuke music is largely voiceless.Edit: And we know nasu intends for another melty blood.Why are all these games only about askling a girl out? I really don't fee comfortable asking a woman on a date (I'm not that kind of girl ;) Oh, and if there is such a game available and I managed to overlook it (which is very unlikely, I know them all ;) please be so kind and tell me! And I did play the Hookup game and it's great but... I was surprised that no one posted this game yet but anyways here it is.. you have to click play to start it : Pmy charm is in the negatives!! You can increase your charm by drinking in the bar, and sometimes your charm goes up when you choose right options when working.Did the game, funny and somehow quite long, but too easy, you can't fail if you do it in non-limited time.

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each girl should tell u about one thing were cyclops is hiding u got a key? one girl should say were the forest is, the other girl the hous and the last girl the code.. :(i just wasted two hours because I had no idea what to do...

(it doesn't matter what order of girls u get)Took me forever, here are some notes I have so you don't have to talk to them ten thousand times Mia Band: salt & vanilla Comedies Granulated peanuts April 30 Soya Wok Chinese Math is fun Receptionist at dad dentist Shinii hair products Rn B Dremio Sabrina Hates family studies Work at fish factory In band- dark glow Born September 13 Likes magma red Buy clothes from Razor Sharp Sweet strawberry ice cream Gardens in basement Hates fish Erika Works mini golf June 8 Birthday- skydiving on snowboard Doesnt like science Want to visit California-climb palm tree Went to South Portal School Boom Boom sports drink Loves show- shoot out Eats nachos while watching games I just First, I'm sorry about my english (I'm german). I guess I should have read everything BECAUSE THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME!!!!

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