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However, he still seems to be in a relationship with his girlfriend Stephanie as there is neither any news nor any rumors about their separation.

Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?

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During the course of the year, all soap operas produced by Procter & Gamble change title sequences and theme songs.

During an improvised segment at the end of a Saturday Night Live telecast on NBC hosted by Charlene Tilton, Charles Rocket uses the word "fuck".

As a result of the ensuing controversy he is fired, along with producer Jean Doumanian and most of his fellow cast members, bringing an early end to a season that had been heavily criticized and sunk in the ratings.

Millions of viewers worldwide witnessed footage of the shooting and the chaos that followed.

ABC News was flooded with unconfirmed reports, which pestered the chief anchor Frank Reynolds, one of which falsely stated that the President's press secretary James Brady had died in the shooting. Coverage of the assassination attempt continued for hours on the big three networks, and for two days on CNN.

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