Printer status not updating massachusetts dating personals

So Is there any way to findout the code/solution from that?

If you print out the "status" page from the HP printer, this will show you the current address of the printer, ...Once u have already received notice from them, be patient.You will receive a notice for either to submit further evidence or letter for biometrics to be done. Format("SELECT * from Win32_Printer WHERE Name LIKE '%'", printer Name); Management Object Searcher searcher = new Management Object Searcher("root\CIMV2", query); Management Object Collection coll = searcher.Get(); foreach (Management Object printer in coll) Above code, the one I am using for the same. c# wmi-query | this question edited Nov 23 '15 at Soner Gönül 71.5k 22 119 211 asked Nov 23 '15 at Saddam Bin Syed 106 10 Which property are you trying to read?

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