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It’s a game called Nerve that operates through a smartphone app — though it could just as well have been devised by a savvy TV producer who loved “Fear Factor” and “The Hunger Games” and ordered up a show that was a cross between them.

In the movie, anyone who makes the perilous click to play Nerve chooses to be in one of two groups: players or watchers.

Having watched extrovert friend Sydney (Emily Meade) flaunt her fabulousness by accepting the dares from 'watchers' on the online game Nerve, Vee decides to get in on the action herself.

From kissing stranger Ian (Dave Franco) to accepting his bike ride into New York, Vee's initial experiences of Nerve are fun, but as the night goes on the dares turn darker.

Compared to the Michael Douglas-starring head-melter The Game, Nerve is really only a warm-up, but it is fun and it will keep you off your own phone for a bit.

In “Nerve,” a dark-heart-of-the-Internet thriller made with a glib pop-up glow, Vee (Emma Roberts), a high school senior in Staten Island who’s the straightest girl in her clique (though she’s cool enough to know her Wu-Tang by heart), gets sucked up into a sinister competition that emerges out of the deep web.

The film was co-directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who made the highly resonant and manipulative 2010 documentary “Catfish” (about the way that people use fake alter egos on-line).

This is an enigma of a movie, managing to seem both incredibly far-fetched and yet chillingly plausible at the same time.As the old Perry Como classic goes, when you have sons you worry, but when you have daughters you pray - any parents of teenagers will be doing even more of both after watching Nerve.Slick and snarky, it's all about the sinister side of social media status as Emma Roberts' character Vee goes from wallflower to wild thing over the course of one night.As competitors perform a series of increasingly dangerous stunts - all of which have to be captured on their phones, natch - they are either eliminated from the competition or win cash prizes.When one of Vee's dares sees her kiss a mysterious stranger (Dave Franco) in a diner, she sets in motion a chain of events that sees their challenges - and their fates - become intertwined.

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