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Last month American Apparel, the company where ousted founder Dov Charney was more than once accused of sexual improprieties, decided to update its rules on workplace relationships.In January, after Paula Schneider was named to the CEO job, the company issued a new code of conduct that was roughly four times as long as its previous code. Maybe you're destined to fall in love with whoever you share the office with. If love worked that way, there'd be office romances all over the place.

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One such tech-innovation center is Andela, born and grown in Africa.It's Not Just About You You may think this is a private affair, but is it really?The silicon valley story is commonly told as the best thing that happened to the world of technology.Andela started in Nigeria as a software development company, helping young, passionate and innovative Africans hone their skills in software development and work with global companies to leave a mark on the tech space.Currently, the company has offices in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, where it is changing the African narrative, one software developer at a time.

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