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Dating and aging don't have to by synonymous with fear, frustration and bewilderment.

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Yet, the easiest means of setting up a date is to form the habit of getting into intelligent discussions with people around you wherever you found yourself. There are always many contemporary issues to discuss.Yeah, it may seem a mountain climb to strike a conversation with a total stranger.Yet, you can ask a stranger sitting next to you what time it was. While in the order line in your favorite coffee shop nothing stops you from asking anyone one close to you some harmless questions like “Hello, what pastry would you recommend for me here, been at a loss what to really take away?The perpetuated myth that when a woman chases a man she lowers her self-respect is out the window.Educated and exposed women, women who can strike up conversations without feeling inferior, can easily start a conversation with a man they fancy and that eventually leads to a budding relationship.

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