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The following assistive software is networked through the College: Each department has at least one Departmental Disability Officer who is the first point of contact for specific information with regard to learning and teaching, core competencies and all other academic matters.

The Assessor is the official who estimates the value of real property within the Town's boundaries.

The Assessor is also responsible for the annual completion and filing of State and County mandated reports.

Additionally, all tax certiorari proceedings including small claims are handled by the department.

Develop your expertise and value as an ISO 17025 specialist.

Crowell said Quinn has worked as assessor since 2012 and earns 2,000 a year, and had previously been the Pawtucket tax assessor.

Hone your skills; understand the rigors of ISO/IEC 17005.

The equalization rate purports to measure the level of assessment to market value of real property within a given community and is calculated using a statistical formula.

Develop your expertise and value as an ISO/IEC 17025 specialist.

The Office records and monitors all property sales, processes all subdivisions and mergers and maintains the official Town tax maps.

It coordinates the Board of Assessment Review Grievance Day proceedings, audits complaints and offers testimony.

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