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Lou Ferrigno, perhaps best known for his starring role in the late ’70s early 80s TV series The Incredible Hulk, is reportedly set to accept a top position on President Donald Trump’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

The “negative heat” that the legacy media and Hollywood continually direct at President Donald Trump may be helping him, according to MSNBC analyst Steve Kornacki, who pointed out that Trump is “central” to all of American popular culture unlike any Director James Cameron sparked an uproar on social media Thursday after saying in an interview that this summer’s blockbuster film ‘Wonder Woman’ represented a “step backwards” for female protagonists in Hollywood.(After first refusing to allow a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland of course.) However while Mc Connell may have felt compelled to alter the rules to place a conservative on the Supreme Court he is less likely to do the same for Trumpcare.First off there is every likelihood that even more Senators will come out against the bill than the three who blocked the "skinny" bill the other night.Populist talkers were there to energize the GOP’s base.Insofar as they did so with dishonest rhetoric, it would only benefit more sober politicians and intellectuals.

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